ReMake of the Enchanted Haberdasher

I wonder if others feel like I do, our lives circle round and round the core of what we are? Wandering around and off and away and then finding myself back again were I wanted to be in the ages ago. I’ve certainly detoured many times and pursued other inquiries and endeavors and here I am back again where I’m most set and settled; hanging out with old aunties and grannies, working in the most amazing makespace, sorting trinkets and treasures for a rehab of the little shop I dreamed for and lost two decades ago. And, all in the middle of a small town with a big backyard that will someday be a garden of cottages. Maybe not so oddly, my guest this weekend is from Santa Rosa, so the past and present make a mush moment this morning!

Leaving the Long Story Out for the moment, The Enchanted Haberdashery has returned as the MAD HABERDASHERY, a do over in many ways. The tag line is Doll & Figure Costume, Couture & Cosplay. A new Etsy shop will be up and about soon. Zach will even be partnering; making props and detail designs and productions in his incredible shop with new self-built  cnc machine. Look for Preview and Grand Opening Feast of Fools at the Winter Solstice and into the New Year.

My friend Tina Fraga turned up and inspired me that now is the time to pull the doll & figure patterns and plans from the bottom of the pile. Other encouragements include all these boxes of small wonderful scrap fabrics and bins and bins of tiny trinkets that I won’t let go of. Watch Tina’s Facebook page for her preview and new lines of doll clothes. She’s been researching most popular dolls and will focus on American Girl- and Monster High-size dolls and include crochet works for Barbie-size fashion dolls as well.

Between now and then, I’m putting up a whole line of Patchwork & Raggedy ReMakeables including newborn accessories (flannel diapers, soakers, hand knits and custom-made retro layettes), specialty aprons, bags and pockets, and cozies of every disorder. I’ll post the minute I have my Etsy ReMakeables shop open again after too many deadend but enlightening detours.

The light at the end of the tunnel has grown to a string of led soft colored minis. . .


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