Sewing Large and Small

With Molly’s help I’ve started the clearing up outside. She has been helping with the Haberdashery too. We work outside for a couple hours, then, when the smoke or heat gets too nasty we come inside. With her help, I’ve been able to actually get to MAKING STUFF and beyond Re-Sorting and Re-Purposing which is many daze disheartening.

My mama, Vivian Hazen, was here for a couple weeks, and we went crazy making baby diapers and blankets for the Best Baby Shower 2014! Then I went back to work on dual duty maternity-nursing clothes for Sarah. I found a wonderful source for cotton, bamboo and other knits. They have the silkiest cotton and bamboo jerseys I have ever touched.

I’m learning to use my serger, a little Brother Lock 1034D that I bought from Walmart online  5 or 6 years ago. Here’s my Things I Almost Learned To Late sewing up these gorgeous by rather challenging knits.

1. Cut selvages off knits and take the time and the biggest cutting table to lay all straight. I’m soooo fortunate to have giant cutting table with mats.

2. Use scotch tape to secure pattern pieces to knit fabrics. I accidentally discovered this when taping pattern pieces together. Pins are impossible on knit fabrics and end up tearing your tissue patterns to pieces.

3. Baste on sewing machine before serging. Oh my, I picked out some wonderfully complicated drapey patterns for Sarah that were totally puzzling to put together. “Totally puzzling” means many redo and do overs! They look amazing and interesting when finished but not for the faint of heart to construct.

Best Ever Tool for 2014!

Use Clips instead of pins holding seams together in construction. My mama bought me two sizes of these. Amazon delivered Just In Time! The little ones are called Wonder Clips made by Clover and come 50 per pack. The larger ones are from YazyCraft. They work excellently even on the silkiest thinnest jerseys, are no danger to your serger, and LOOK like candy sitting on the table in a clear plastic deli box. Even on my most arthritic thumbs day, I can get work the clips.

Don’t forget to go through Dora’s website, to get to Amazon for shopping. Other great gnus: DoraDaily is now an affiliate of Craftsy. So get to Craftsy from her website, so she can earn commissions. This news gave me a good reason to order a couple of classes on my wishlist, Knit Lace with Eunny Jang and Hand Applique with Mimi Dietrich. Craftsy has become my next best BFF (next to Kathy of course) for curing my Making and Doing fatigue, procrastination and inertia. And extremely affordable as well with no biochemical side affects!

One last blousey blouse for Sarah then just the finishing touches. This last one is a simple featherweight woven cotton calico, so I don’t anticipate any complications. But I can’t wait to get back to Baby Girl clothes and accessories!! Short seams and Kamsnaps and sweet fabrics. So much like making doll clothes it’s too fun to be work!


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