Changing expectations


Changing expectations after disappointments can be invigorating. After three years constant effort, Zach Pearse and I have been unable to recruit other makers to our amazing site. So we changed our expectations and plans.

This morning it finally gets through to me that since I will longer be recruiting, I will no longer have to provide opportunity or resources for other potential makers or growers – Space and Time! No more waiting or wondering or worrying someone else’s needs or abilities. And since only short term guests for airbnb rooms, suddenly I can put everything exactly as I want it! It is an incredible thing to have empty drawers suddenly able to accommodate my most treasured tools and materials for my making alone. Having everything at hand for any potential making is the most satisfying and credible accomplishment.

Letting go of my decades long desires and expectations for creating learning environments for others is no small thing. There it goes! I’m a bit light headed in this self-centeredness. Delightful.


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