More Motifs and Motives

Mindful and Artful lifeways and habitats are not conspicuously compatible with contemporary consumer and man-built environments. Certain pollutants, for example noise from gas-powered leaf blowers as well as the actual microfloral disturbed by your neighbor’s leaf blower have serious effects on whether you can even be outside sketching or planting or writing or stitching.

I’m inside right now then, working cotton yarn in a simple but extremely versatile pattern in crochet to cover cushions in all my habitats from the library to my cab. The three stitch pattern repeats across the row, then, when I turn to come back the pattern stays the same so that both sides of the fabric are the “right” side. The pattern works to different effect when I work in a circle.

I want to understand not just the artfulness and craftiness of crochet as fabric making — but the physical properties and qualities that the stitches in a pattern create; fluffiness, bumpiness, softness, strength, durability, stretchiness…all this just from a hooked stick and yarn knotting in a row. If crochet can be such a delight, I may not be able to contain my wonder when I start learning the loom!


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