Leaf Rain

The sounds of night and morning were like rain. Then, I thought the wind must be blowing. It wasn’t rain or wind. But gentle breeze wisping the leaves to the ground and around. There are swishes of them everywhere this morning. Not rain, not wind. Leaves whispering dry coming down to my broom and pan to fill the bins with color and sound. 

I started a blog here yesterday morning. Only two or three sentences. Then I forgot and went off to something else. I can’t find it anywhere, so suppose saving is important in those first two or three sentences, even if the whole thing may not be worth saving.

Kathy came yesterday with warm bread from the bakery. We ate one slice after another and I ReDreamed a cob oven. Then with her expertise and advice I undid the 40 inches of scarf I was making Dora and started again with a much bigger hook. What a difference. Even with my loose crochet the yarn wanted much looser still. I was using old alum Boyes, then remembered I had a set of Harmony hooks. The smallest not serving well, but the largest was a K so I started again. This one was just right, I remember Goldilocks saying. The scarf grew soft and patterned each turn.  The Harmony hooks have no weight, so my hands fared better.

I worked on it more in the evening, when I’d had enough of ReSorting the Haberdashery. With the light, the sky is clear and a bit cool, so we are all back inside. I will take up the scarf again with the “Just Right” tool. Not at all what I would have guessed was right, but the soft fabric it makes in my hands tells me so. And my friend who guided me to a different choice than the instructions provided. 

Experience and sharing experience account for much in a maker’s life. I’m envisioning Stone Soup Thanksgiving Gathering to be that kind of quiet advice and thoughtful sharing of the abundance and joy of the creative life.


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