Cool, damp and dark

From inside the parlor workshop the morning light is obscured by indeterminate clouds that detoured here last night. There are only patches of gray sky lightening to blue. It may stay cool today, for Chico “cool”. Not Zundel & Hager North Dakota “cool”. The soft cowl I had around my next last night has folded into a headband round my ears and forehead. I must make a note to make double-duty cowl-headbands 6 stitches smaller.

The next big thing for making is Stone Soup Thanksgiving Gathering. Even IF there are only a dozen people here this first year, I need to have all the cuffs and mitts and warmers and cozies out that I can. I’m also working on the CD and Deli Totes. The CD tote is a completely new design that happened on the ironing board. The Deli/Bakery tote happened with a friend in the haberdashery. Both had purpose, but in my creative mind, the Deli/Bakery tote is a remake of my grandma’s grange tote.

Last night, while watching second season episodes of Continuum on Netflix, I started the Twinkie Chan scarf for Sarah’s birthday present. I’m going to do one for Dora and Sam, too. Zach? Not sure he would even wear a hat, let alone a Twinkie Chan scarf. This first one should be simple enough, but I’m always glad crochet is so easy to take out and do over. The simplest patterns and tasks or projects seems to be the ones that take forever to accomplish, have the most doovers, or just turn out wrong. Sarah’s scarf could go around the room three times if not the pullitoutagains. It’s not even 18 inches yet. Part of the problem was I found the color yarn I wanted in the bin, but it is a retro acrylic dacron and not very lofty, so it shows all my inadequacies in crochet. Of course, I could knit something similar with much better technique, even lace or something fancy or go buy a high end yarn to hide my insecure crochetwork — but I want Sarah to see that I’m trying new styles and techniques that I don’t have as much confidence in — “outside my comfort zone” they used to say. Sarah’s scarf in my unsure crochet stitches reminds me of the treasured gifts I received from her when she was in grade school. Simple gifts made while learning hand eye coordination tasks (or maybe craft therapy depending on the teacher). Seems right that I’m old enough now to begin returning the affection as my thumbs begin to kink with arthritis and my vision has difficulty finding focal length. Will she keep these intended treasures as I have kept my grandmother’s last afghan; the one where the colors and stitches are not so careful and clever as they once were; the one I treasure most because it was the last handmade she gifted me?

I can’t put a pic of Sarah’s scarf, it’s to be a surprise, so here a bowl of gingerbread people to get any reader in the mood for making and gifting too.









4 thoughts on “Cool, damp and dark

    • Sarah,
      Do you have a blog on wordpress? Of your poetry/writing?
      I want to read it if you do! And if you just started, how do I get notified when you post to it.
      I’m trying the stuff thru Facebook. But I know there are other ways to connect to readers. Let me know what you know about connecting to wordpress?
      there may actually be a couple of scarves as I’m trying to get it right. . .

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