Family Foto Fun Figures

I’m starting new prototype. Find photo of loved one, or two or the whole family cousins and all. Scan and resize to scale. Make a few adjustments to the distortion needed for 2 dimensional figure and create Flat Cloth dolls. Sillouette cutter will come in hand for cutting figure. We used to call these Paper Dolls, but what are they called when you remake from cloth and other materials? Board Figures? Flat Figures? Family Figures. I even have fabrics that are retro. So I can make “period” clothing from all these scraps Tina and I have been sorting boxing and moving, then moving again; 1940s to present. Challenge how to attach clothing to figure. Vecro always an options, but hard on fabrics. Maybe a ribbon tie to the back? Or even duvet-type slip over on back. Can’t wait to get started, and, of course, has to wait until weekend activities and Sherri’s pottery finds homes. Tonight I’ll be making gingerbreads, so may just make a couple figures to add to all the cakelettes.


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