OOAK Wondering

This morning I was chatting and hearing all the challenges of working with independent retail specialty yarn shops. It’s not what I’m about, but like being in any candy store, I’ll go looksee. Making and especially ReMaking creates an insatiable desire to see, touch and experiment with all kinds of materials. Hence, my current storage dilemma. If this were the only dilemma I face today, oh well. I’ve always been a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) crafter and maker. The nature of remade materials guarantees this. Every pair of worn jeans and every worn flannel shirt is a unique canvas. 

When I get the Parlor Workshop and the Haberdashery repurposed for concerts and guests as well as Etsy sweatshop for figures, dolls, and miniatures, will this literal Make Small Downsizing help with my storage issues? Maybe just a bandaid for now. That’s ok, but still feels a burden that I want to be resolved. 

In the way round, in a small way, this seems to be the evolution of those special people, retail shop owners and merchandisers, and special vision and practice of my guest, Mona. Organizing, displaying and exchanging to eliminate the it all stays here where it’s made and remade. The challenge is that while makers and merchants can understand each other’s needs, we still see the new day differently. We are codependent and collaborative at our best. But it takes patience. Trying to do both maker and merchant with the Parlor Workshop via Etsy Shop is the most difficult combination of tasks I’ve faced since caring for four toddlers.


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