Nothing new but long forgotten

Should the Airbnb and Concerts In Your Home carry us through to development of an Etsy shop, FoundAgainReMakeable; Bunnie Buddies; and Pet Pals; I will most likely go forward with development of Boarding House for crafters, makers, and artists here on Creative Lane. Repurposing the shop space indoors and outdoors with clear structure is something I’ve tried NOT to do because I believed Zach and I needed memberpartners. And I believed new memberpartners would need blank canvas to envision longterm aspirations and objectives. That may still be true, but such individuals are extremely rare, so in the meantime, extended stay or ReTreat Weekends and Weeks for starving underpaid and unappreciated artists and makers is going to be my focus. 

Creating the mini habitats for short-term creative guests is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Instead of the extremely challenging  work I did originally to make workshops for mentoring 4-8 beginners and uninitiated to craft, art, tech, and natural heritage, I get to create the gift of short term design and workspace for small projects for creative guests. Even if all they want to do is scan through pattern books for a quilt design they want to try and adapt that on graph paper with colored pencils, they will appreciate sitting in the shop place to do it. “Away” is the key word for my promotions now. Get Away from all the stress and practical worries and just be Creative, think creative, be surrounded by creative place. 

Of course, this is only going to appeal to a small niche of special people. That’s ok with me. I’m done with evangelizing and educating. Not enough reward or appreciation. So all my benevolent activity is now focused on the  invitation to desperately creative people to Re-Treat themselves to sanctuary that renews and restores creative spirit, aspirations and appreciates accomplishments. 

A permit for boarding house is feasible, somehow the phenomenon has fallen through the cracks of city codes. Boarding house is still there in the code, nothing new, but forgotten, and, for me, it is plaster chipped out of the wall, a twig broken in the hedge. The difficult part is to put the invitation out to those who need to hear it. I’m changing up local and regional Craigslist ads, but any help from friends or family will help.

My objective by next weekend to get photos up of newly repurposed Shopstay ReTreat spaces. I believe that if a creative person stays here two nights, they will be inspired to go home and seriously dedicate creative space and time for themselves there. If they stay a week, they will fill a notebook or sketchbook with projects and the steps to accomplish them. I’ll keep the affordability of the Airbnb listings as long as I can.

The whole Boarding House endeavor appears to be the best of FoundAgain ideas after all the others we have tried and learned lessons from. I can’t help but be desperately optimistic. I can’t believe how cheerful I am, especially today, facing the rather challenging tasks of repurposing place and making space once AGAIN. Even with Shed-in-a-Box storage space, I’m not even sure how to do it, I’m just going to do it! 


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