Downsizing an interpretation

This whole ReMaking philosophy has gotten to a touchstone for me. The benchmark and guide is Small. Make small, think small, keep small. and Try Smaller. It’s more than just a strategy or a plan; it’s becoming a clear principle and fundamental ground rule. It’s working for me in so many ways as I learn to accept concept and congruity that negates almost every perspective or assumed truth that I grew up with. The conflict is so dramatic and traumatic, especially since I’m, of course, still embedded in the culture and reality of NotSmall. I’m preparing myself to be extremely cautious and canny in this practice. I’m already aware that it causes not only discomfort but fearfulness in others more dependent on contemporary culture in California and the West, where since the intrusion of angloeuropean culture BIG and NEW has been the dominant ideology and practice. Since I’m also challenging NEW, I’ll just note here — that discussion is coming soon. The problem is certain concepts have been given too much power and misinterpreted. I can’t just get rid of those understandings, but will try to ReMake practical ideas like “downsizing” which has a violent and ruthless connotation into something benevolent. At this point, my expectations are low, but my anticipation in practice is extremely enthusiastic for me personally. Make small, ReMake old means designing and creating many many wonderful items I can hold in my hand, fill up a bowl with or stuff in my pocket — all the most precious places in my world.Image 




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