Gingerbread in all its Goodness

Run run as fast as you can!

I’ve scheduled themed occasions and gatherings here. It all needs to tie together with all the craft and music and designing and dreaming that’s going on in the making spaces. I feel like a dyslexic macrame-er — knots going everywhere, threads unraveling. That is, UNTIL i pulled out the box of gingerbread pals i started knitting last fall before we all learned what a bad year it was turning out to be. Our holidaze pretty much cancelled then. When I found the little knitted characters, well, I picked up the needle and embroidered the wool frosting round the edges. Then I put the gingerbread spice wax in the warmer. Then I pulled up a couple of Pinterest gingerbread recipes. Then I found the pattern floating to the top of the stack with a gingerbread house with button candy to sew of felt. As a plant root, ginger fits in with just about everything except my mother’s heart meds. And the little gingerbread figure — well, it can make everyone else smile. I’ll start a binder today.  I’m singing with joy! I’ve got my Mantra to keep me smiling from now til February. Gingerbread thisthatandtheother and Steampunk Mice inatrunkorinateacuporinatin. What could delight my imagination and craft more than these? No need to talk about extreme antidepressants with these creative aspirations and imaginings.

I promise myself to add images to this entry tonight.


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