Nona Makes Room for Schemes and Dreams

Plans have changed.

Plans are still changing.

Plans are changing into more of a Map, and this map has all the detours and sidetrips and enhancements and enrichments and adventures and unknown territories and deadends annotated all over it. Sometimes it’s a little hard, for even me, to follow, and I’m the map’s cartographer and navigator of this life’s work.

I’ve always loved maps. I admit I have been very few places. I tend to get to know those few places in layer after layer, in the details and microclimates of habitats. And now, I only want to make this place, my habitat, what I need it to be; a venue for the compilations and culminations of my life and work until there’s no more life and work. So many other options have been explored and I’m again and again coming back to these same aspirations as do overs and try agains. I’m more than frustrated yet expectantly optimistic this “next” endeavor will work well.

I’ve got the Parlor workshop ready to clear out what doesn’t fit and doesn’t belong today. Rain forecast tomorrow, clouds dimming the sunrise that seems to come later and later everyday. I need to shift boxes in a big way. Today. This room has to do multiple duty as

1. Primary handwork make space for fabric and fiber arts (altho there is a treadle sewing machine, loom, spinning wheel etc non-mechanized tools in here),

2. Etsy shop shipping area,

3. Project and craft library archives,

4. Largest indoor meeting space for tea parties etc., and now

5. Music Room for the upcoming

I’ve moved shelves, dressers and hutches to hold the archives solid around all the walls. One set of cubbies will be for display of finished items — just in case airbnb or concert guests are interested. I want guests to find themselves sitting in a magical making place with incredible and intriguing things to look and wonder about as they listen to music. It must be a practical space. It must be an inspiring space. And it must show not only the excitement and anticipation of works in progress but the satisfaction and delight for works accomplished.

But WHERE am I gonna put all these boxes of paper patterns?????


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