There are words and works that aspire and inspire. In conversation with Zach this evening, we are looking for livelihood as well as likelihood. Mostly at what to do with my Etsy Shop: FoundAgainReMakeable. There are enviable role models that I’m trying to study a bit, before wasting way too much time and resources. I must get the Haberdashery and my Parlor workspace redefined and redesigned for productivity and adaptability. OneOffs — also known as OOAK — One Of A Kind –. Then kits that follow. And any crafter knows, a kit can be taken apart and repurposed more than once. Enough for this evening, I need to get the non-craftings out to where they should belong? Where’s that? Don’t know yet. The photo below what my haberdashery looked like before storages were emptied, craft closet contents contributed, and a general displacement of purpose melted my previous creative aspirations into a puddle of scented wax. Now to scrape it off the plate and sculpt a restored identity for ReMaking.



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